St. Andrew's Malta

        An International Church for all Christian Denominations 
        A union of the Church of Scotland & the Methodist Church

Our Team

Rev Eric Foggitt is the locum at Saint Andrew's until the end of October 2019.


We have our own constitution embracing both parent churches. We have a leadership team of elders called a Kirk Session.  Elders – men and women – are ordained for life, but they serve on our Kirk Session for periods of five years.  

Each one has a particular area of responsibility – such as finance,  mission,  communications and so on. 

The current team consists of 9 people plus the Minister as Moderator.

Health and Safety Officer

Junior Church Leader

List of Keyholders

Minutes Secretary

Mrs. Sharon Abbot

Missions / Charity Concerts

Presbytery Elder

Social Media


Ms. Christa D. Wiegand

Property/Fabric Convener

Mr. Clement Okoro

Circuit Steward

Foodbank Lifeline Foundation

Session Clerk

Ms. Diana Nye


Mrs. Hazel Dunlevy

David has left this world to meet with our Lord. 

We are thankful for his life and the time David has been with us.


Mr. David Pritchard-Griffith

Communion Steward

Mr. John Lejman