St. Andrew's Malta

        An International Church for all Christian Denominations 
        A union of the Church of Scotland & the Methodist Church


At Saint Andrew's missions have always been a huge part of church life. Our missions are varied, they are different, they are challenging. 

The dedicated Mission-Team is full of ideas and flexible. With the help of the congregation our missions and mission partners have been able to do their work for many years. In the past we have also been able to respond to many situation that needed immediate attention.

With faith and trust we go this extra mile.

The past 2 years charity events couldn't take place but with prayers being answered we managed still to contribute. The congregation is always kept up-to-date with the actual state of affairs and challenges our missions face.

The activities listed below are described in details at our mission-sub-pages 

*   Sister Catherine in Tugwashanye, Zambia      since 2005

*   Dar Teresa Spinelli                                              since 2005

*   "Out of Africa... Into Malta"                                 since 2011

     Malta Microfinance (link here)                         since 2013

*  International Presbytery Mission 

   Annually Projects chosen by the I.P. Mission Committee.

Independent Missions not run by Saint Andrew's

With hard work and dedication of volunteers, 2 of the missions that were brought to life by Saint Andrew's have become independent organisations. 

*  Blue Door English (BDE), started in 2013 was registered as a Voluntary Organization in 2021. 

For more information and contact number click here  

"The Foodbank" opened it's doors in 2015.

Since October 2018 it was registered as "The Foodbank Lifeline Foundation". 

For more information and contact number click here