St. Andrew's Malta

        An International Church for all Christian Denominations 
        A union of the Church of Scotland & the Methodist Church


Welcome to our history page with photos and interesting articles about the Church of Scotland and the Methodist Church before - and after the union.

Sometimes visitors and holiday makers come and ask to see the church or ask about the place because their parents/grandparents have been worshipping or even married here at Saint Andrew's. Many memories dating back a long way.
If you are interested in our history this is the page for you. You will find photos and several links to articles even from the 1980s. You will read about the beginning of the churches in Malta dating back to the 1815. Enjoy.

We greatly appreciate the contributions of old photos from former Ministers as well as members of Air Force and Navy personnel. 
Below you can see a collection of:

*  St. Andrew's and the Methodist Church before the union. 
*  Visit of Lord and Lady Mountbatten
*  Activities 
in the church hall and around the island 
Names or other details to complete the information of the photos are welcome.

Interesting readings

"The Methodist Church" by Paul P. Agius Dip. Educ.(Ad), B.A.

"The year 1815 brings to mind the Battle of Waterloo, and in the same year also, British military personnel stationed on our island sent out an important appeal to the Methodist Missionary Committee in London......"

For full article klick this link: "The Methodist Church" from 1815 


"A History of St. Andrew's in Malta" article from 1956

IT’S 113 years since the first Presbyterian minister went to serve in Malta. He was the Rev. Dr. J. James Wood, of New Greyfriars, Edinburgh. But he claimed he was the second Presbyterian. “St. Paul was the first,” he declared, “and there has been a rather long vacancy!”

The Kirk Session intend celebrating the centenary of the present Scots Church on St. Andrew’s Day, 1957, and plan to mark the occasion by installing two stained-glass windows above the pulpit – one to commemorate the centenary itself and one as a Window of Remembrance for those who gave their lives in the Mediterranean theatre of war.

Sheriff’s appeal

A few manuscript notes on the early history of the Scots Church in Malta, penned in 1954 by the minister, the Rev. G. A. Sim, still survive. In these he says, “In the year 1841......   Click on the link below for more.

Link  "A history of St Andrew's Church in Malta", published in December 1956 



"Going back in time" Article Times of Malta 23 Sept. 2007

"St. Andrew's Scots Church in Valletta this year celebrates its 150th anniversary. The church, which stands at the junction of South Street and Old Bakery Street, opened in 1857 and was originally erected for a Presbyterian congregation.

The church was built under the direction of Rev. Dr George Wisely, who was minister of the church from 1854 to 1896 and who continued to live in Malta until 1914.

Wisely was very active in Maltese life in many ways......."

Link - read full article


Reading: The Floriana Story being an account of Methodism in Malta by Erich H. Fawthorp 1963