St. Andrew's Malta

        An International Church for all Christian Denominations 
        A union of the Church of Scotland & the Methodist Church


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Perhaps you have been visiting us or joined in our worship. We will add your greetings to our little book here. Just use the form below.
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Blessings and best wishes from Malta.
From our guest book in church:

This morning I have visited some churches in Valletta , I have to say that yours is the most friendly and joy that I saw. God blesses you!!

16.06.16 Maggie, Estonia / Lincoln, Nebraska 
Beautiful to feel welcome again!

16.06.16 Nicole, Papillon, Nebraska
Faithful Methodist far from home.

01.06.16 Stuart, Scotland
Enjoyed visit. Pity about the weather

29.05.16 Elizabeth & John, Scotland
Enjoyed the service.

29.05.16 Patricia & Soeren, Oevebro, Sweden
Gud valsigne er!

13.05.16 Family Holmquist, Tanumshede, Sweden

01.05.16 Alison, England
My parents Wilfrid and Dorothy were married here. 19.12.42

22.04.16 Mirell & John,  United Ref. Methodist Church, Scotland
God bless you and all your ministries.

22.04.16 Wim, Amsterdam, Holland

22,04.16 M, North Ireland
Nice church.

17.04.16 Hanet, Ohio, USA
So glad to find this church.

13.04.16 Hugh & Deborah,  Kelty, Scotland
Lovely Welcome

27.03.16  Margot, Germany
Malta and its beautiful churches. Wonderful

27.03.16 Gordon & Margaret, Dunfermline, Scotland
Happy, Easter :-) 

27.03.16 Murdo, East Lothian
Visited here in 1945 when with the Royal Navy

27.03.16 Sharon, Scotland
Lovely church!

06.03.16 Warren, Lichfield, UK
Excellent service. Many thanks

21.02.16   Jaqueline, Belfast
Glad to be back again.

21.02.16   Peter & Moira, Colchester, Essex
We were married here 56 years ago, returning many times and are always made welcome.

31.01.16   Anne & John , UK
A warm welcome

31.01.16   Alice, Moray, Scotland
A very welcoming church.

29.01.16   Jenny & Richard,  Newton Stewart, Scotland
Met with a warm welcome & chat

17.01.16   Alan & Veronica, Cumbria, UK
Great joy in worship! Thanks for fellowship. Blessings

             John Zammit, Valletta
I love everything in this church

10.01.16   Harriet & Paul,  Cottigham Yorkshire,

10.01.16   Rosemanry, Northfield 
Made very welcome. Lovely to meet the people

10.01.16   Patricia , Canada   
<3 Thank you

23.12.15   Massimo. Italy