St. Andrew's Malta

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Dar Teresa Spinelli

Dar Teresa is a shelter which was officially opened in 2002.  
It was named after Maria Teresa Spinelli who had herself been a victim of domestic violence when she was married. She was the founder of the Augustinian Sisters, Servants of Jesus and Mary in Forsinone in 1827.

The residents often come from abusive situations, or with psychological problems, a teenage pregnancy. Whatever their situation, the one thing they have in common is the need of a refuge, where they can feel safe and help is at hand. This is the role Dar Teresa has undertaken and which we support.

We try to help by providing practical and financial support. We aid with the supply of basic needs for the residence in the form of weekly donations of food stuffs and cleaning supplies.  
We keep a fund for emergency purposes (ie sometimes a need of prescription medication, nappies or baby formula which is not covered by the government) as well as making donations for specific projects.
For many years we have a collection point near the entrance of our church. We ask our members to include this mission in their weekly shopping list. 

We have supported Dar Teresa almost 20 years and hope to continue to do so, but we rely totally on heartfelt generosity for this mission.