St. Andrew's Malta

        An International Church for all Christian Denominations
        A union of the Church of Scotland & the Methodist Church

About us

The first building on the site of "Wisely House" was a Methodist Church dating back to 1824. This was the first non-Roman Catholic place of worship on the Island and did not really resemble a church as at the time only Roman Catholic Church Buildings were allowed to be erected.

The building later transferred to the Church of Scotland when the Methodists moved to Floriana. This just shows that these two mainstream Reformed Christian churches have a real shared history in Malta.

Our current building was completed in 1857 for the "Free Church of Scotland". It has been modified over years retaining its historical character.  

In the 1970’s the Methodist Church was forced to vacate their premises and the two congregations joined together to become one church sharing not just the building but their ministers and the life and worship of a single united church. St Andrew’s has its own unique constitution which reflects this.

The full story of the Presbyterian and Methodist Churches on the island of Malta can be found on


We’re part of the Church of Scotland’s International Presbytery: 

and of the South East District of the Methodist Church